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About the Region

About Roatán, Honduras
Roatán is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands in Honduras. About 64 kilometers (40 miles) long and just 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) wide at its widest point, the island is surrounded by over 97 kilometers (60 miles) of living reef, making it a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Part of the world's second largest barrier reef system, Roatán's waters are teeming with colorful coral and marine life. Dozens of world-class diving and snorkeling sites are accessible from idyllic beaches around the island and through numerous tour operators, primarily located in West End village.

Today, tourism has overtaken commercial fishing as Roatán's top industry with an increasing number of cruise ship passengers, a large second home market, and diving enthusiasts. Roatán is also a popular stop on the traditional Central America backpacker route.

The main strip of the island is the coastal beach town of West End which also doubles as the islands main tourism hub and its center for diving. West End features a wide variety of bars and restaurants ranging from Thai, Asian, Italian, French, Argentinian, Mexican, American, Jamaican, Honduran and local island style cuisine. Because of these various different cultures West End offers some of the best dining, not only on Roatán but Central America as well.

English is the first language of all native islanders regardless of race and Spanish is spoken second, whereas mainland Honduras is primarily Spanish speaking. It remains this way because of the islands past as a British colony as well as all islanders being the descendants of the British Isles.

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