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Methodist Church Flowers Bay / Iglesia Metodista de Flowers Bay
Methodist Church / Iglesia Metodista
View in front of the church / Vista desde la Iglesia
Back Side of the old Church / Traseras de la vieja Iglesia
Old Channel Used by the Canoe to transport the people and food for the Island / Old Channel utilizado por canoas para el transporte de personas y comida a la isla

Flowers Bay Methodist Church, on the island of Roatan, is one of the oldest Protestant churches still in use in the Bay Islands. Here, municipal archives have records of this church dating back to 1899 when the majority of the Bay Islanders were white planters. The first protestant churches in the Bay Islands, as well as Honduras, consisted of English speaking congregations. In the 19th century many of them, as in the United States, were split over the inclusion of blacks in their congregation.

During the "Banana Boom" of the late 19th century, Methodists opened churches along Honduras' north coast. Today, you can find  predominantly black English speaking congregations in the towns of La Ceiba, Puerto Cortės, and many of those in the Bay Islands. According to historical records, the communities of Flowers Bay were among Honduras' key exporters of bananas, coconuts, and other tropical fruits to the U.S.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Historical building. 

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Latitude: 16.289564000
Longitude: -86.574368000
Elevation: -50 FT (-15 M)
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